When you are overqualified whatever that means

Something that I would have never imagined that could have happen to me would be to be considered "overqualified", whatever that possibly means.

You see, I have been unemployed since July 2015 and I have been applying for various programming positions, Junior positions to be fairly honest with you, and I consciously did so for obvious reasons which all HRs and recruiters came back with the same answer more or less: I was considered an overqualified candidate.

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The mysterious case of pagerd

I love solving problems, but what I love the most is figuring out how an actual problem had actually happened in the first place and what caused it from happening.

As a scientist I tend to push my limits by seeking newer ways, techniques, and methods to improve my skills for the sake of professionalism and of course specialization.

Last night, I decided to check a website I maintain with two other friends for a science festival and while I was nagivating around, I have noticed a rather peculiar behavior.

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Introducing inrep

inrep is a shell script that automates repository initialization right from your terminal.

So, what does it do?

Well, it oversimplifies the whole procedure for you when you follow the standard methodology:

  • You go to your GitHub account.
  • You initialize a repository based on a name of your choice.
  • You clone it locally.
  • You create a file or a volume of files.
  • You add it to repository.
  • You commit them.
  • You push them back to your GitHub account.

Imagine having to repeat the procedure for a number of projects...

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Working remotely - Your thoughts please

I have tried to find an online mentor (for free of course, as I'm unemployed for more than a year now), that would be more than willing to have a long and exhausting discussion with me about various programming languages and concepts, all the "do"s and "don't"s about those specific concepts and guide me towards the right path for working eventually remotely, either from home or from anywhere the world as long as I have a wireless connection to use a laptop.

You will say "hey, nothing is free you know" and I agree with you; but look around you and see how many open source projects exist. If I get trained properly or validate my existing knowledge by an experienced, professional senior developer I'm pretty sure I will create a few useful projects, let alone services, plus I will be able to participate to existing projects that need an extra pair of eyes and hands.

So, without extra fuss, anyone can suggest anything?


Introducing mproj

mproj is a rather small bash script that generates C or C++ project templates depending on your needs.

Have you ever worked with an editor like Vim or Emacs and all the time you had to copy / paste a Makefile sample from some other project of yours or one that you have found online and you struggled to make it work for a simple project of yours?

Yep, that had happened to me more than once...you cannot imagine how furious I was when I had to repeat the same procedure for every single project of mine.

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A simple C++ Deque example

Being a polymath and a programming polyglot person can be really exhausting, let alone intimidating at some point. Therefore I have decided to write a few things down that would be used as a backup and as a reminder to this rusty brain.

Today we will see a very simple example how double-end queues work, also known as deque.

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